And finally, the game is out!!! :D

As the title says again!!! This is pretty exciting for me, I hope you'll enjoy what it is for what it is, mwahaha...

I had to change one of the CGs AFTER I uploaded these files and Linux takes forever to upload and patch, so Linux users, unfortunately, will not have a correct CG (hopefully you won't notice it though, hehe). I will update it when I get the time and data to!

I am also going to work on a .apk file for mobile folks as well as make this available on Google Play. Let me know if there are any issues you encounter! I greatly appreciate all feedback :D

Thanks for reading, and I wish you all a great holiday (or day)!!!

Play the first game, PUQFFAL!!!, here (and keep in mind that it's literally my first game):

The game itself! (you might be spoiled if you didn't play PUQFFAL!!! first):

More updates:


pls dont pay just for this but here's that one cg of them in the city if you want it.png 892 kB
Dec 24, 2021 94 MB
Version 1.0 Dec 24, 2021 99 MB
Version 1.0 Dec 24, 2021

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great :)


Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy it :D


hi Mint :)  i'll play it today and give feedbacks :)


Hi Anwynn! Thank you, it's a little different from PUQFFAL as you'll see. I appreciate negative feedback too, so don't hold back if you find something can be improved :D

If you would like, I can also try out your game and give feedback? Looks interesting :D


i just finished a few minutes ago all three endings :) yes i can see it's darker than puqffal but it's great too  :) interesting plot of relationship and cute as the first game :) i don't see anything negative to say .  being bullied in school is something i know so i can relate to Myx having difficult to trust others and all that stuff.

i love the title screen with Pippy and Aq in the back it made me smile :)

sure you can try my game though it's not finished yet, you'll probably see some mistakes in english as it's not my native language.

your feedback would be appreciated :)


Nice! Ooh, I like comments that talk about the characters and gameplay, hehe. Thank you for your attentive words about the relationships and relatability!

That's okay (but for having a different native language, your English is pretty good)! And in that case, I'll try it out whenever I find the time to :D Have a good day!