Sprites of the main characters!


I strongly recommend you play PUQFFAL!!! before this one.
However, you can enjoy this one by itself as well and everything quality-wise will be tons better (I just don't recommend it)
Play the first game here: https://mintglow.itch.io/puqffal

Hello again! I bring another update as to how the game is coming along :D


I have to rewrite the whole script.
But other than that, everything is coming along nicely:

The planned release date is still sometime in December!

Here is a sketch of one of 4+ unlockable CGs:

The main characters:

Myx - 13 years old - a bored girl at home that decides to bring artificial intelligence to life for company. Real people aren't very nice/different anyway.

Digit - (Myx decides they're 13 years old) - you can't even tell they're a computer! Myx must teach them the ways of life. (I'm still deciding whether or not to make the eyes more life-like...)

Updates Dump:

11/14-18/21: Worked on sprites and expressions while showering and thinking about the story and how I have to rewrite everything

More updates: https://twitter.com/MINTGL0W

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