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Who doesn't want friends?

At least, Aq wants that, and more.

As a slightly less edgy cat girl at 17, you hang out with your friends and crush on a rabbit.

... What? That's it???

... Maybe? ;)


*  Short 20-30 minute gameplay! (Not too long... Maybe it's too short. Forgive me for it's a demo.)
* An incredible story and character-driven visual novel! (But it seems more like a comedic slice-of-life since it's only the demo...)
* 1 CG(+) since it's a demo!
* Not enough character sprites for this demo IMO!
* 1 ending for now since it's a demo! (But there are some choices you can make...)
* Harassment!
* Me trying new things like point-and-click, slightly better GUI, phone screens, adding Easter eggs, side-image-sprites-- Lots of "new" things!!
* Animal people that live in an animal world!
* Interesting and (literally) colorful cast of [insert number here] characters!
Friendships that have already blossomed! I think!
* Aq.

Disclaimers & Warnings:

* Screen shakes, flashes, and sudden movements.
* Mild use of strong language.
* Mentions of knives, guns, and... drugs(?)
* Your choices do not GREATLY matter right now (since it's a demo).
* There is no UWU KISS KISS right now (Maybe in the full game, perchance?)
* It is what is advertised :P (Just wait for the full game...)

* I admit there are two background images I already had prior to NaNoRenO. These are photos of important locations, so I would have used the same exact location and filters either way. I did change the painful saturation intensity though...

Hey, if you leave a rating (especially if you remove some stars), could you please write why? ANYTHING, like "I didn't like the characters" or "really not my thing yikes" or "the concept is stupid" (<- I'd somewhat appreciate it if you thought this last one, because the full game plays off this idea).
No matter what you say, I'd love to get into your head :D
I agree that this game is not my best since it was made in under a month and I was focused more on assets and visuals, but it would put my mind at ease from wondering what exactly went wrong if you said something.
This goes for all games everywhere, the creators of them want to know how you feel so they can improve. To show what went right and wrong, that's what the rating system is for, right?
In any case, thank you for reading this.

The page for PUQFFAL!!! (If you're interested or confused after playing SSSweets, play this game cuz it's the first one in the series) was supposed to be "cute", so I finally decided to make a page I actually think is cute.

Check out the progress page for this demo as I screamed through NaNoRenO 2022!

For more frequent updates, check out my Twitter! Jk.

(The full game will be 2+ hours long.)


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Version 1.0
sweetly-sweetened-sweets-win.zip 76 MB
Version 1.0
sweetly-sweetened-sweets-linux.tar 66 MB
Version 1.0
a little PUQFFAL!!! banner for those who purchased the Queer Games Bundle uwu, thank you!.png
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-stumbles in- Okay, I'm here! I'm going to stop procrastinating (but I'm so good at it XD).  I meant to write this a week ago x_x

I really enjoyed the demo!  Your UI/GUI was really sweet (I'm not making a pun, I swear) and I think it matched the overall aesthetic of the characters! (I think Pippy is my favorite. I love her happy outlook and her dialogue blip sound!)  I also liked all the little lessons sprinkled throughout. I felt like the "take the compliment" lesson called me out XD  Nice use of parallax and transitions, too!

!! Spoilers, just in case !!

It's very clear that there's something else brewing underneath. And I'm very curious as to what's going on. I didn't think about it until the demo ending. I saw the glitching of the text and got unsettled... and then closing the game really caught me off guard, too! It just makes me wonder why it's there and what it all means. I think it's a great way to leave an impression on the player when they exit.  I'm excited to see what the full game holds!


AHhh CHO!!!! I don't care if it's late or not!! (which is totally not because I procrastinate too XD) But really, thank you for your comment because I really really really appreciate it!!! :D
... Now it's time to comment with a late reply of my own...

Lolol so many people have made that pun on purpose XD, I'm glad you thought that the GUI/UI, transitions, and parallax thingies were good!
Pippy is awesome, she's so weird (uwu), yet optimistic! And indeed how taking the compliment is... very important x.x I'm glad you enjoyed the tiny lessons!!

Thanks for the spoiler tag :3 While I was playtesting the game, I kept wondering howhowhow to make it feel like there will be more than the slice-of-life genre. I'm really excited to make the full game now, mwahaha... I hope you and/or everyone else thinks that the game is even better than the demo!! Thank you for playing :D


Hey. I just finished playing the demo and I really liked it. It's very cute and the story is interesting. I really like the cute drawings at the beginning.


Yay!! I'm happy you liked it! Thank you so much for the comment :D


hi Again Mint :) 

I just finished playing, the child-like drawings at the beginning were so cute :) I love this story already even if it only the demo :) i can feel something darker is lurking too.

great job and waiting patiently for the full visual novel :)


Hello again Anwynn :D

Thank you so much!!! The child-like drawings are meant to show the player a small spoiler-free summary of what you need to know before playing the demo. I hope it gets the point across for new players :D

I'm glad you already like the story and know that something darker is coming, hehe :3

Thank you, hopefully you won't need to wait a while :) ("Hopefully" since idk when it'll be released lol)


That is fine, you do not need to hurry to finish it :) no need to stress yourself with it and you got your school studies to do 


Hihi kawaii


I'm glad you find it cute ><