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This is from the Mac version:

Such a cute sweets game! I like looking for the stuff and baking! ♥


What a great game!




Such a brilliant comment.

Thank you for playing XD

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Very cool!

Really liked it, especially the little details sprinkled throughout the game like the book, the tablet on the table and the birds are not mammals dialogue :D

By the way, I found a bug. I have a yogurt but the game acts like I don't. I was able to do the cake but if I looked at the internet it would say I still needed yogurt and if I were to look in the fridge it would give me another yogurt (Although I would still only have one yogurt in my pockets).

I just noticed this page's link hahaha


Yay!!! Thanks for the feedback Ony, the details were really fun to do :D

Oh, I think I saw that bug during the test phase and completely forgot to fix it XD, I'm sorry you ran into it though. I'll attempt to change it as soon as possible, so thank you for telling me!!


Hi Mint :)

That is very cute and dark,

I recognize well the room :)

nice little game :)


Thank you for the comment Anwynn :D

I'm happy you enjoyed it!! :3


Hi Mint :) 

I left a wall of message on discord again :D

amongst the wall, I wrote more about it :)